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Ô Fil de Lau is a brand born in Shanghai having the simple purpose of re-inventing soft toys for your kids. The brand is offering modern French style designs allied with high-quality fabrication standards and low manufacturing footprint. Each toy is unique because each toy is 100% handmade! Each purchase has a social impact because our products are made by low-income women in China!

Our soft toys are ethically handcrafted by Chinese women with the overall goal to optimize environmental impact: natural raw materials, local production, minimum waste.


Ô Fil de Lau’s products are non-interactive: no batteries, no voice, no light. This is how our brand believes in developing creativity of children. Accompanied by such toys, newborns will easily create their first life stories, while toddlers will stimulate their growing imagination, either playing alone or jointly with siblings and friends. 


Ô Fil de Lau’s toys are not too big and not too small. They have the perfect size to travel with you. They fit perfectly into your child’s bag to go together with him/her to the kindergarten. You are planning for vacation or staycation and do not have a lot of space in your luggage? No problem, our toys are well sized, light and soft to always fit in a very tiny space. Don’t be afraid about microbes, if toys get dirty you can easily wash.

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